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Testimony of Ms. Dounia El Ouardi

Services en ligne : Directinfo

Ms. Dounia ElOuardi

Head of the Information System Department
Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property


Can you brief us on the project ?
- Have access to all legal and financial information on companies registered in trade register
- consult and obtain documents and legal acts deposited in jurisdictions and centralized by the Central Trade Register (balance sheets, bylaws, Report of Statutory Auditor)
- receive electronically the negative certificate during the process of company creation.
- submit the online application for registration of industrial property (trademarks, industrial designs models, patents).

What are the challenges / difficulties encountered during the implementation of these projects ?
Launched in 2004, the project was confronted with the low use of information technologies by the enterprise and also the lack of promotion and awareness campaigns on the practicability of electronic services.
Moreover, the online payment platforms represented a number of constraints to the development of online services. These constraints were partially avoided as a result of the introduction of payment by card. The OMPIC was the first public body to provide this mode of payment at a country level.

What are the main achievements of the projects ?
This project has several online services:
- DirectInfo Enterprise: access service to legal information and judiciary documents of companies.
- Directfinfo Bilan: access service to financial information on Moroccan firms
- DirectInfo Marques: electronic filing service of brands and access service to official publications of brands.
- DirectInfo Certificat Négatif: Online Request Service of Certificat Négatif.

What are the benefits for citizens / businesses / agencies ?
The OMPIC online services can improve the quality of public service thanks to:
- Simplification of procedures: online procedures are simple, effective and rapid;
- The reallocation of human and material resources dedicated to the front office in other tasks: support, quality control, awareness campaigns and communication. These are all activities with high added value;
- Reduced costs for the customer who benefits from a reduction of at least 10% (compared to base rate) when using the electronic service.
- Availability of service 24h/7 days