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Testimony of Mrs. Ilhame SABBANE

Platform for information and booking of Moroccan tourism products

Mrs. Ilhame SABBANE 

Head of Marketing Department

Moroccan National Office of Tourism


Can you brief us on the project?

The project involves the establishment of an integrated Internet platform for the portal enabling:

• Referencing the entire classified offer of tourist accommodation. 

• Referencing other tourist services (catering, car hire, leisure etc.).

• Online reservation of hosting services, in partnership with tour operators involved in the project.

What are the challenges / difficulties encountered during the implementation of these projects?

The main challenge of this project is to collect information. Data sources are mainly: The Ministry of Tourism, the national federations (National Federation of Hotel Industry, National Federation of Travel Agencies in Morocco ...) and hosts.

An awareness campaign aimed at professionals was conducted:

• An awareness tour in the regions for tourist operators.

• An e-mailing for all listed hotel establishments to provide them their login / password in order to connect to the platform and update their profile information.

The main difficulty is the lack of computerization of hotel establishments. An awareness campaign was dedicated to accommodation establishments within the framework of “Infitah” program.

What are the main achievements of the projects?

• Awareness and communication for tourism stakeholders.

• Data Collection.              

• Establishment of tourism information system and its integration into the portal

• Updated and complement the database.


What are the benefits for citizens / businesses / administrations?

For Administration :

• Better attend to the tourists needs.

• Generate additional tourist flows.

• Increase the average expenditure per tourist.

For Citizens :

• Easy access to Moroccan tourism products.