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Testimony of Mr. Younes El Kabbaj

Services des Impôts en ligne : Simpl-TVA et Simpl-IS

M. Younes El Kabbaj 

Director of Resources and Information System
Ministry of Economy and Finance
General Direction of Taxes


Can you tell us about the projects?

Online Tax Services Simpl: Simpl-VAT and Simpl-IS are designed to computerize all obligations related to the statements and payments of the value added tax and corporate tax. Through only internet connection, citizens will be able to electronically file payment of VAT and corporate tax from their office in a secure manner.

What are the challenges / difficulties encountered during the implementation of these projects?
Other than the technical and functional aspects, it was essential to integrate the Simpl-VAT and Simpl -IS in the establishment of a legal environment and the implementation of a payment system in cooperation with banks. The GDT has also been required to ensure the role of the certification authority of its members and also accompany and assist them. This has amplified the challenges of these projects.

What are the main achievements of these projects?

Concerning the Simpl- VAT, the following applications are completed: electronic filing and online payment of VAT monthly and quarterly statements, electronic filing of annual proportional deductions, the online payment of VAT income statement as well as the deposits record and the fiscal situation.

As to the Simp-IS addition to the deposits record and the fiscal situation, the achievements of this project involved nine electronic filing (taxable income, exemption from payment, fees paid to third parties, investment products with a fixed income ... etc..) and 8 online payments (advanced payments, balance of tax assessment, corporate tax notices, deductions for remuneration paid to non-residents, etc ....).

What are the benefits for citizens / businesses / agencies?

These online services "Simpl" have direct benefits for taxpayers for the simplification of procedures and the improvement of the quality of service offered.

They can reduce errors while filling forms and avoid claims arising therefrom. Moreover, transparency is improved and the service becomes permanently available (7 / 7 and 24/24). These online services help also save time and cut costs for both taxpayers and the administration.