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Testimony of Mr. Yassir Belrhiti

Gestion des retraites publiques et privées

Mr. Yassir Belrhiti

Director of Information Systems
Collective Scheme for Retirement Allowance


Can you brief us on the project?
The RCAR project is a reinvention project of the public service aiming at creating the most value for the parties involved in the scheme.

This project is now at its second major phase. The first phase consisted primarily in rebuilding the existing information system by implementing new processes that are functionally adapted to allow the RCAR scheme to easily integrate internal pension funds and address the challenges identified in its initial strategic plan.

The second phase consists now in preparing the scheme for new issues related to the 21st century including mainly the control of management costs and the improvement of the planning quality.

In this perspective, the headquarter of RCAR is required to manage several funds at the same time, like other large renowned organizations around the world.

What are the challenges / difficulties encountered during the implementation of these projects?
The main challenge was to predict the future needs and design a system accordingly. This system is required to manage any type of funds under the pensions scheme reform currently undergone by Morocco.

To do so, we have undertaken an in-depth analysis of the different processes and then proceeded to their reengineering with the objective of making them more flexible and more adaptable to a rapid evolution taking into account changes of the environment.

This is a complex business project that involves the different departments and staff of the company. The organizational dimension plays a major role in this project.

What are the main achievements of the projects?
In addition to the business dematerialization of documents addressed to the RCAR which deleted the Signature book circulation, the regime has developed its online community by connecting its processes with those of its clients through the eBusiness model.

Through this project also, numerous value added services were implemented. Among these services, there are the interactive terminal which helped democratize access to Web services, the SMS platform for customers’ transfers notification, as well as a multitude of services allowing customers to remotely perform all administrative tasks: downloading and printing of all official documents of RCAR (pension certificates, statement of membership), updating the client's information (address, Phone, banks, location of family, etc..) tele-services (discount for payment, reimbursement, regularization, etc..) teleprocessing (membership, clearance, payment, etc..), monitoring the progress of files.

What are the benefits for citizens / businesses / agencies?
These projects are mainly designed and oriented towards satisfying citizens needs in the best possible way. The main benefits are: the personalized access to information through multi-channeled management (call center, web channel) and its permanent availability, shorter processing times through automation, and the securization of transactions.

The quality of these services is monitored through the satisfaction surveys conducted regularly by the RCAR in its branches and beneficiaries who show an annual satisfaction rate of more than 80%.

Thus, the RCAR continue to fully rely on the opportunities offered by information technology and law in order to provide greater comfort to all its stakeholders and abide by its motto of "Paying the right pension amount to the right person, at the right place, at the right time, and with responsible behavior”