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Testimony of Mr. Soufiane MOUFID

The port computer system EDI and the one stop shop Portnet

Mr Soufiane MOUFID

EDI Responsible 
National Ports Agency


Can you brief us on the project?

The project involves establishment of an electronic platform that allows a network composed of a thousand agents intervening in port operations to exchange information electronically through the Web using a Documents Exchange application (EDI). It aims to mutualize information related to the stopover, to simplify procedures, to interconnect information systems of port stakeholders, in order to accelerate and optimize the procedures related to the transition to the stopover.

This portal will also allow operators to monitor the status of operations related to the stopover.

What are the challenges / difficulties encountered during the implementation of these projects?

The main challenge of this project is the significant number of partners involved in the achievement of the project. To ensure the success of such a project we should ensure the involvement and commitment of all stakeholders.

What are the main achievements of the projects?

• Integration of information systems of project partners around the EDI.

• Implementation of the one stop shop and commissioning of the Back Office.

• Integration and commissioning of PortNet system for container traffic in the two port cities Casablanca and Agadir, then its generalization in other ports.

• Implementation of the system for other traffics than container traffic.

• Support the functioning and assistance to the entire port community.

What are the benefits for citizens / businesses / administrations?

• The reduction of transit time: 5 days about 40% of the current time. 

• Optimizing the use of port infrastructure.

• Reducing the cost of importing and export related to logistics. 

• More visibility for operators in stopovers processing.

• Improving QoS.