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Testimony of Mr. Mohamed Benkhalid


Mr. Mohamed Benkhalid 

Directorof  DAMANCOM  Agency 
National Fund of social Security    


Can you tell us about the projects ?
DAMANCOM is an Internet portal launched in March 2003 for the CNSS affiliate community of companies or their representatives. It enables them to issue, without charges, their social statements and make social contributions in a simple and secure manner. This portal requires no special technical skills and is suited to all private sector companies including those with a staff of one worker or more.                                                                                        

Two services are offered:

  • Electronic Filing : This feature allows affiliates of the Fund to electronically issue their statements
  • Electronic payment : What are the challenges / difficulties encountered during the implementation of these projects?


What the challanges / difficulties encountered during the implementation of these projects ?
The projects, launched in 2003, were confronted with the low use of information technologies by companies and also the lack of promotion and awareness campaigns on the use of electronic services in the country.


Lack of digital trust from businesses represented a constraint for the development of online services such as the online payment which did not exist in Morocco at that time.

Access securization and transactions implementation via the portal has also constituted a challenge for us that we have managed to live up to. In fact, we now have an internal certification authority.


What are the main achievements of these projects ?
The CNSS has provided a faster and a better quality service to businesses by simplifying and securing information transfers and making them reliable for both CNSS-Business and CNSS-Employee.

Today, more than  24 500 businesses use the Electronic Filing to transfer information on social security contributions for 1 098 000 of the mass pay declared to the CNSS.


What are the benefits for citizens / businesses / agencies ?


For employees:

  • Protection of the rights of the insured persons and of their dependents
  • Compliance of services and transfers issued thanks to the systematic control and validation of information.

For employers:

  • Simplicity: no text input (only numbers and in very small loads) and directly online via the portal
  • Security: authentication of user information before gaining access to personalized data. Moreover, all exchanges are highly secure
  • Speed: the system can reduce the duration of the reporting process of about 12 days; real-time feedback to companies and to the CNSS
  • Tracking and monitoring: all operations performed on the portal are time-stamped and tracked
  • Paperless processing: No paper document is exchanged between the affiliate and the CNSS regarding the operations of declaration of wages or the payment of contributions

For the CNSS:

  • Costs and delays reduction in processing paper BDS
  • Deletion of intermediaries and significant reduction of risk
  • Reliability of information received
  • Improvement of the quality of services provided to employers and employees