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Testimony of Mr. Aziz Bouazzoui

Testimony of Mr. Aziz Bouazzoui

M. Aziz Bouazzoui

Director of Human Resources and information systems
Ministry of Economy and Finance


Can you brief us on the project?
- Online payment of local taxes is part of the proposed multi-channel payment aiming to offer a multitude of payment channels including: payment via internet, payment by bank transfer, payment through ATMs and also the simplification and familiarization of cashing at all perceptions of the general income tax.
- Online Payment offers the taxpayer the possibility to pay their taxes (state taxes, local taxes, business taxes) safely via the Internet.
- The target population: Moroccan resident and nonresident taxpayer.

What are the challenges / difficulties encountered during the implementation of these projects?
- When the project started, the online payment was not possible with the Moroccan credit/debit cards.
- The second aspect was the set-up of a controlled payment platform. This aspect was, after a in-depth study, outsourced to a certified company which would better respond to our needs.
- Online payment requires having a centralized data warehouse. However, the architecture adopted by perceptions was decentralized (each perception has its own database) which required a daily centralization of data..

What are the main achievements of the projects?
- Development of software modules for the payment and for the online consultation of the general incomes tax situation
- Daily Centralization of data before the establishment of a centralized system of revenue (expected during the 2nd semester)
- Acquisition of centralized platforms
- Interconnection with partners (MTC, Banks).

What are the benefits for citizens / businesses / agencies?
- Improved quality service to taxpayers especially Moroccans abroad
- Improved collection rates
- Reduce workload on perceptions currently ensuring physical collection of payments.