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Redesign of the portal

 Start date December 2009  End date March 2011
Owner Ministry of the civil service and the modernisation of administration

The Administration portal is part of the programmes for electronic government and that for simplification of administrative procedures. This redesign will contribute to bringing the administration closer to its users and overcoming the restrictions and problems of the current system (in service since August 2005, with slight modifications made in 2007).


For the user: Front Office

  • Disseminate frequently updated content, with high credibility and quality (administrative procedures guide, directory of officials, etc.)
  • Increase the Portal’s accessibility to allow it to serve different categories of users

For the administration: Back Office

  • Replace the current production tools of the dedicated portal staff, of call centres, and all other public sector contributors.
  • Design and build an editorial and graphic design policy
  • Develop the collaborative production and sharing of content
  • Produce an XML-based data repository which can act as input to the different applications and web sites of the departmental partners

Expected benefits

  • Provide credible quality content, with regular updates
  • Serve different types of users by improving the portal’s accessibility
  • Present the administrative procedures in a simple and understandable manner


Short term: December 2010

  • Project scope
  • Assessment of current Portal
  • Development of the Portal’s final prototype
  • Drafting of production charter and rewriting of content
  • Study of existing system and requirements
  • Definition of production system and implementation specification
  • Development of operational prototype

At maturity:

  • Completion of target production system
  • Recovery of all data
  • Training, documentation


Success indicators

Type Indicator Target year
2010 2011 2012 2013

Project completion (%)








Average number of visits per day

1000 2000



User satisfaction

Satisfaction rate (opinion poll)

80% >80% >80% >80%
Administrational effectiveness

Update rate of procedures

60% 70% 80% 90%