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Online service for car registration documents

Start date 2007  End date 2012
 Owner Ministry of Equipment and Transport

The vehicle registration service operated by the MET, must respond to both existing and new challenges:

  • The increasing demand for vehicle registration leads to extra costs in data entry and handling of paper documents (400,000 requests per year)
  • The need to fight forgery of registration documents and customs clearance documents
  • Promoting the use of information technologies by operators in the sector
  • The need to modernise the process by removing the current constraints of transferring the dossier to the place of registration of the vehicle

Since 2007 the MET has been undertaken a vast modernisation scheme, a large component of which is the paperless procedures for registration of vehicles, and the development of value-added services that accompany this dematerialisation.


  • Set up an information system for management (for use by the ministry) and tracking (by the citizen) of registration requests
  • Set up a portal for dealers to register new vehicles
  • Set up a portal for professionals to register used vehicles
  • Set up an online service portal for individuals
  • Develop additional uses of electronic vehicle registration document (tickets, parking, etc.)

Expected benefits

  • Reduce processing time for vehicle registration
  • Reduce costs of the MET
  • Remove constraints related to place of residence
  • Improve security and reduce the risk of fraud (principally through interconnection with Customs and the TGR (General Treasury of the Kingdom)
  • Respect international standards regarding identity documents


January 2011

  • Back-office system
  • Online tracking of paperwork
  • The new highway code came into effect on 1 October 2010

January 2013

  • Service portal online
  • Dealers
  • Professionals
  • Citizens


Success indicators

Type Indicator Unit Target value
2010 2011 2012 2013

Management system

Dealer portal

Portal for professionals and individuals











Number of online registration requests




User satisfaction

User satisfaction

  4 2    
Administrational effectiveness

Average time to treat a request (days)

Day 20 15 10