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Online creation of companies

 Start date June 2010  End date  December 2013
 Owner Ministry of Economy and Finances / DGI
  • To create a company, the project owner must follow a long and complex process. The difficulties encountered in this process can be attributed to:

    • The vast number of stakeholders, leading to many trips for the creator of the company
    • The interdependency amongst stakeholders lengthens the time for creation
    • The redundancy of documents requested by the various stakeholders
  • To improve this process, an electronic platform for creating companies online will be set up.  This platform acts as a one-stop-shop for submitting company creation dossiers as well as organising their processing by stakeholders.


  • Set up an online one-stop-shop for creating companies

Expected benefits

For the founder:

  • Carry out formalities online
  • Only provide information once
  • Start the company’s activity more quickly

For Administration:

  • Simplification of procedures
  • Reduced delays for creation
  • Improved contact with the entrepreneur
  • Sharing of information between administrative bodies


By January 2011

  • Scoping study
  • Design of the solution
  • Launch of calls for tender for the implementation of Phase 1
  • Proposition of amendments to legal texts


By 2013 

  • Development and successive deployment of the different phases
  • Adoption of the amendments


Success indicators

Type Indicator Target value
2011 2012 2013

Online creation of a SARL

Online creation of other legal forms

Enlargement to entrepreneurs











% of companies created online (compared to overall handled forms)

Some created (VSR)

20% of all legal forms

40% of all legal forms
User satisfaction

% of users making a complaint

10% 7% 5%
Efficiency of the Administration

  Financial gain compared to the standard approach