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 Start date  February 2008  End date  February 2012
 Owner  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
 Context  There are 3 million MRE (Moroccans living abroad) and about 2 million procedures per year. For certain citizens this can imply long journeys and/or multiple visits.
In order to meet these needs properly, the MAEC has introduced the e-Consulate portal.


  • Build a portal offering consular services
  • Federation of online consular sites and services (civil status, nationality, acts of Muslim notaries, certificates, attestations…)

Expected benefits

  • Improved “customer experience” (fewer visits, online procedures, tracking dossiers...)
  • Optimisation and automation of request handling (e.g. 73,000 birth certificates handled automatically)
  • Rationalisation of the wage bill



Short term: January 2011:

  • Registration by the citizen in person to create their electronic folder
  • Online appointment booking and request of consular services
  • Delivery of document by post

End of 2013:

  • Online Payment
  • Online delivery of documents not requiring physical presence
  • Civil status and nationality (excluding booklets of identity and civil status)
  • Certificates and attestations (residence, good conduct, disability, currency holdings, certificate of custom)
  • Making copies and translations


Success indicators

Type Indicator Target value
2009 2010 2013
Implementation Number of deployed consular sites 0 4 141
Use Number of electronic accounts created
Number of acts requested online
1 000 000
500 000
3 000 000
3 000 000
User satisfaction Time spent by user  1,5 day 0,5 day instantaneous
Administrational effectiveness Processing times for requests (excluding delivery)
Workforce dedicated to the processing of dematerialised acts 
45 minutes