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Collection and dissemination of statistical data

Start date  April 2009  End date December 2012

Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy


The collection and dissemination of statistical data in Morocco suffers from many problems:

  • The shortage of national indicators,
  • Redundancy in collecting data and producing statistics,
  • The lack of national coordination between the concerned actors.

To correct this, the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy has introduced a national observatory covering the area of ICT initially, followed by those of industry and trade.

This observatory centre will federate the monitoring centres and periodic investigative work carried out by the different socio-economic partners throughout the country.


In the area of IT, the project aims to implement:

  •     a back-office open to partners providing statistical data
  •     a portal for consulting statistical data and making online queries

In parallel with the IT component, the project will integrate 4 other components: Human Resources, General Resources, Ecosystems and Communication.


Expected benefits

  •     To be a reference for information on the ICT sector for administrations, companies and citizens
  •     To improve communications with institutions and organisations
  •     To have a monitoring unit and publishing of field experience reports



 January 2012

  •     Validation of indicators with partners
  •     Conception and development of forms
  •     Training on the tools
  •     Launching of portal online
  •     Signature of agreements with partners
  •     Installation and configuration of the platform
  •     Acquisition of licences

January 2013 

  •     Launch of specific enquiries of the ICT monitoring centre
  •     Implement monitoring centres for Industry and Trade
  •     Standardisation of methodology for collection of indicators by partners
  •     Partnership with regional monitoring centres (Arab countries, Europe, Latin America, Africa, etc.)


Success indicators

Type Indicator Target value
2010 2011 2012 2013

Implementation of technical tool

Collect ICT indicators

Collect Industry and Trade indicators








Number of visits to the portal




User satisfaction

Level of satisfaction (online request) 

  60% 70% 80%
Administrational effectiveness

Reducing the cost of collecting indicators in the field

  -20% -50% -90%