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Intitulé Description Entité Bénéficiaires Echéance
OMTIC : National Observatory of Information and Communication Technologies

The OMTIC is a portal established by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy, to enable monitoring and strategies evaluation of the ICT sector in Morocco, as well as anticipation and monitoring of ICT environment change. 

Ministry of Industry Trade Investment and Digital Economy Citizens
Governmental Gateway

The project "Governmental Gateway" aims to put in place:
1. An electronic platform for exchange between administrations (Gov2Gov).
2. A Portal of teleservices for Citizens and Companies
The expected benefits of the Gateway are as follows:
• Simplify administrative procedures by replacing paper documents by electronic exchanges Gov2Gov
• Simplify for administrations teleservices creation for users, through a generator of electronic administration forms
• Create a one-stop-shop electronic administration gathering all online services in a single portal

Ministry of Industry Trade Investment and Digital Economy Administrations
Online Company Creation

In order to improve the long and complex process of company creation, an electronic platform for creating online company will be established. This platform plays, on the one hand, a role of an one-stop shop for submission of applications for company creation, and on the other hand, a role of orchestration of these issues with stakeholders in the process. 

General Directorate of Taxes Companies
General framework for interoperability

Norms and standards for interoperability of information systems. A first version was adopted by the Head of Government circular. A second version is planned,  including semantic interoperability (data structures, nomenclatures, common repositories) 

Ministry of Industry Trade Investment and Digital Economy Administrations Operational
Establishment of a platform of an operator of electronic certification

Barid e-Sign is a provider of electronic certification services which implemented an infrastructure to meet the needs of professionals, administrations and the general public in terms of digital trust through the use of electronic certificates.

Post Morocco Citizens
Portal "Invest in Morocco"

Information portal concerning investment opportunities in Morocco. 

Moroccan Agency for Investment Development Companies
SIAS : Information System of School Administration

Issuing laptops and 3G connections to school directors.

Ministry of National Education Administrations Operational
MASSAR : Information System of schooling management

"Massar" is an integrated Information System of schooling management, it is composed of several bricks:
- IS of schooling management and student database
- Websites for schools
- Online services for parents and students

Ministry of National Education Citizens
Operational, Ongoing generalization
MASIRH: HR Portal of the Ministry of National Education

The HR management at the Ministry of National Education has a strategic challenge of modernization and reform of the entire sector. As the Information System is the cornerstone of this management, several studies have been conducted by the DES, which led to the launch of a structuring program of HRIS. This program consists of the following projects:
  - The project MASIRH (Administrative HR Management)
  - The project HARRAKA (Quantitative HR Management)
  - The project GPEEC (Qualitative HR Management)
  - The Administrative Portal
The project MASIRH is the base frame of the HRIS, covering all administrative management of human resources and which aims at integration and decentralization of management process at regional academies, delegations and schools.

Ministry of National Education Administrations Operational, Ongoing generalization
Portal of ICTE integration in Education ("Génie" Program)

This portal is an initiative of the GENIE program which is the realization of the national strategy of generalization of Information and Communication Technologies for Education (ICTE) in all Moroccan schools. 

Ministry of National Education Citizens Operational
Portal of the High Commission for Planning

 Collection and dissemination of statistical data on Morocco.

High Commission for Planning Citizens
DAMANCOM portal: Social declarations for employees

Called e-BDS, this portal is intended to serve the community of companies affiliated with the CNSS or their representatives by providing two teleservices :
. The tele-statement: To enable affiliated companies with the CNSS to make their statements in an electronic way.
. The telepayment: To enable affiliates of the CNSS to pay their contributions via the Internet through a simple and highly secure system.
Currently, 80% of employees are declared via the portal DAMANCOM.

National Social Security Fund Citizens
Refunds monitoring portal

The CNOPS portal provides online services for employers and allows  policyholders to monitor online their applications for reimbursement of health care.

National Fund of Social Foresight Bodies Citizens
Management of public and private pensions

The RCAR portal is a dynamic space that allows having a remote  access to all the RCAR services 24/7. Several teleservices are offered to employers, affiliates, beneficiaries and suppliers of the RCAR, all those teleservices are also available on mobile application.

Collective Plan of Retirement Allowance Administrations
Cadastre / access to property titles for notaries

Efoncier is a web service providing the consultation of land and cadastral databases to Agency's partners (Notaries, IGT, Public Administrations, ...).
Available information concerning the properties such as the owner's name,the surface area, the consistency, the land charges, etc. ....
Efoncier consists of 3 land services:
1. Information on land title
2. Digitized land archives funds
3. Digitized cadastral archives funds

National Agency of Land Conservation Land Registry and Mapping Citizens Operational
e-intermediation in the employment market

Electronic platform linking between job seekers and employers in the private sector.

National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills Citizens
Implementation of the EDI port information system and the one-stop shop (PortNet)

Portnet aims to implement the recommendation 33 of the United Nations concerning the one-stop shop of formalities related to foreign trade, to provide to the port community a centralized database and to mutualize.

National Ports Agency Companies Operational, Ongoing generalization