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IPv6 national deployment action plan

As part of the Cooperation Program "Succeeding the Advanced Status (RSA)", initiated by the Delegation of the European Union (DUE), Morocco has received technical assistance for the deployment of the new Internet addressing protocol IPv6 within the public administrations.

This mission, which is managed by MIICEN in collaboration with the ANRT, assistance consists of :

  • Development of a methodological approach for the deployment of IPv6;
  • The development of a national information portal on IPv6;
  • The development of the contents of a national portal about the IPv6;
  • The development of administrations' capacities
  • The support of 4 to 5 Administrations in the framework of pilot projects for the deployment of IPv6
  • Sensitization, based on feedback from pilot administrations, of other actors involved in the deployment of IPv6

At the end of the first phase of this project, a morning of information was organized on 02/11/2017 in the presence of the main stakeholders. Led by the DUE expert, this meeting allowed to share and discuss the results and recommendations of this first phase.

The documents of this meeting are accessible on the following links :


In order to adapt the objectives of the next steps, in particular the development of skills and the transfer of knowledge, to the needs and priorities of the Moroccan administrations, the partners who took part in this event as well as the other actors wishing to contribute to the success of this project are invited to fill in the above mentioned questionnaire. Depending on preferences and convenience, the questionnaire response can be done online or in print. For questionnaires filled in on a printed form, please send them directly to the project team's address.